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If you already know us then you know what we have to offer if you don’t know us……why not?


 Family days out are suppose to be fun, but sometimes when you have a child with a disability it can be hard work, resulting in the family ‘not bothering’ or going out individually. That is not what being a family is about.


Family days out are going to the zoo, to the park or maybe just to the beach, they are about relaxing, meeting people enjoying each others company.


Having a child with disabilities can be isolating as they may be unable to do the things mainstream children do, or driving makes it difficult to get about. You may find that staying at home is a better option than struggling to get out.


Everyone at Daytrippers knows what that’s like especially if you have other children. We want your family to look back at the school holidays and say ‘that was fun’, not look forward to them with dread.


We use wheelchair accessible coaches, making our trips inclusive to all.

As part of our Safeguarding policy we photograph each family as they get on the bus, this is incase any of the children get lost, a photo is easier to see than to try and describe a child.

As well as the photo, each member of the family wears a small green wristband. This wrist band has details of who to contact in case of an emergency, it also allows entry into certain venues we visit, we also register each family on the bus so we don’t leave anyone behind.


When we get to where we are going, some families go off together, others stay with the main group if they feel they need the extra support, this is fine all families are different.


What ever the need of your child or family why don’t you come out with us, we are a friendly bunch who are parents of a child with physical and or learning disabilities.

We are all DBS checked and we understand how daunting it can be going out.  

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