Frequently Asked Questions


On registering with us you will receive a booklet about our group containing all the information you need, in the mean time here are a few frequently asked questions;


Do I have to accompany my child on the trips?


YES, these are  days out for families and your children remain your responsibility for the entire trip. If you cannot attend yourself your child must be with an adult family member.


Can I bring my other children or someone to help me?


YES, Daytrippers is about family days out and encourages siblings to come on the trips, and we of course realise that you may need a second pair of adult hands to help you with your children.


What if my child and I need help while out?


Anything can happen when you're out and about, if you feel you may need help on the day, please let one of us know. We often have members of the Bolton Outdoor And Adventure Learning Staff with us, who are willing to help anyone who needs help.


Are all volunteers DBS checked?


All volunteers with Daytrippers are DBS checked and are also parents or carers of children with disabilities.



We Look Forward to meeting you soon!