Daytrippers (Bolton) Cancellation Policy.


Can I remind all members that as clearly stated on all newsletters you must cancel places (be it a change in the number attending or for the full family) by phone on all trips etc. As soon as you become aware that you cannot attend i.e. as soon as you receive an appointment, place on play scheme or anything else.

This policy also applies to illness etc. So soon as you become aware that you or a family member are not going to be able to attend due to illness or the child’s disability please phone and cancel.

We are fully aware that with the nature of our children’s disabilities this can be because of a late crisis due to a seizure, meltdown etc. and that whilst dealing with that crisis you are unable to get to a phone but we would ask that you do phone as soon as possible once crisis is over to stop us implementing our Did Not Attend charging policy.



Did Not Attend Charging Policy


The full cost to Daytrippers (Bolton) of providing an outing to Gulliver's this year for 80 people was £2000. That works out at £25 per person. We only charged £14 per person with one carer going free per disabled child. Therefore families classed as DNA (did not attend) on that outing would be billed at £25 multiplied by the full number of  places booked i.e. 5 places booked = 5 x £25 so the family would receive a bill for £125.00


Please remember that Daytrippers (Bolton) is run purely by volunteers and a lot of their valuable free time and effort goes into raising the funds to provide these outings and also the administration of these outings therefore please do not abuse this group by failing to make one call to cancel be it 1 place or all places.


Lesley Brennan, Treasurer