Happy 18th Birthday Daytrippers(Bolton)

 The 18th Birthday Challenge 


On the 1st May 2021 Daytrippers (Bolton) celebrated its 18th Birthday.


During these unprecedented times, we have had to cancel and postpone many of our events and we don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to do something to celebrate this special time so please help us turn the day into something positive!


So what was The 18th Birthday Challenge?


All you had to do is decide what you’re going to do that is in the units of 1.8, 18, 118 etc.


Here’s a few ideas we had:


• Get active and walk (or run) 1.8km or 18 laps around your home or garden

• Hop, skip, dance or exercise with friends virtually for 18 minutes

• Do 18 press ups, chip 18 golf balls into a bucket, or hula hoop 18 times in a row

• Get creative and bake 18 cupcakes or 18 cookies

• Draw a picture of 18 different animals or flowers

• Simply donate £18

• Build a tower 118 bricks high

• Do 118 bounces on a trampoline

• Go up and down the stairs 18 times

• Pass a ball between 2 people 118 times

• Us a skipping rope and jump 18 times non stop

• Read 18 books

• Do 18 jigsaws


The list was endless!


We are glad to announce that those who joined in raised £195!



Thank you.